Food & Commercials

So, every woman knows that the 2 most important parts of the Super Bowl (outside of those tight pants on the field) are the food and the commercials! I guess somewhere in there is the half-time show as well, but they only thing I’m going to say about this year’s half-time show was that I LOVE LMFAO so much AND did you see Madonna’s boots? TO DIE FOR!

Ok, now back to the topic(s) at hand. As far as the food went, we (and by “we” I mean mostly hubby with a little bit of my help in between feeding the baby and dealing with an ornery toddler) made some pepperoni dip and kick-butt nachos (consisting of seasoned beef, refried beans, white queso and homemade guacamole)!

Now on to the commercials! I will admit that I was quite disappointed in this year’s batch. There were very few that I enjoyed watching and even fewer that I even want to talk about. So, here are my ‘top 5’ which I considered the ‘only 5’ worth watching.

5. Doritos “Baby Launch”. This one was uber cute and I could totally see one of my children tormenting a younger sibling with a snack/treat!
4. Chevy “Apocalypse”. My hubby and I are big Chevy fans so this one was especially funny for us to watch. It also made me hungry for Twinkies! I have decided that if sh*t does hit the fan at the end of this world, I need to have a lifetime supply of Twinkies to help us survive since you know those things never age! Hubby and I were just reviewing the commercials and were commenting how there wasn’t a Ford commercial during the entire show! I’m not sure if it’s because they don’t survive the Apocalypse or if they couldn’t afFORD it! 😉
3. M&Ms “Naked”. This one literally made me laugh out loud! I love the LMFAO music with lil red dancing!
2. Toyota “Reinvented”. I could do without the Lionel Richie playing blender and the reinvented couches, police officers and DMV, but I am VERY interested in the reinvented baby that doesn’t poop and the reinvented rain that makes you skinny!

And my #1 favorite Super Bowl commercial this year was the THOUGHT-PROVOKING, AMERICAN-PRIDE-INDUCING Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep commercial featuring Clint Eastwood! Talk about being moved and motivated! If you missed out on it during half time (perhaps you were taking a potty break), I HIGHLY recommend finding it online to watch! My favorite line from the end of the clip: “If we can’t find a way, then we’ll make one. All that matters is what’s ahead. It’s half time America and our second half is about to begin.”

I will leave you with those words of wisdom! Good Night!

About Ginny (MOMentarily Distracted)

Proud Army wife and SAHM with 3 wonderful children (ages 10, almost 2 and a NEWBORN)! I LOVE MY LIFE!
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