It’s the Small Things…

As you may have noticed, I took a few days “off” from blogging. I needed to get some errands and random things around the house done.

During my “down time”, I have been reflecting on the past few months and what a roller coaster they have been. With the stress of re-adjusting to life after deployment, every day seems to be its own mini roller coaster and the last couple of weeks in particular have been mostly downhill.

I found myself focusing so much on the low spots of the roller coaster, that I had forgotten to enjoy the high points when they appeared. It wasn’t until today, when I knew it would be a “Thankful Thursday” blog post I was going to write, that I truly began to think about the high points of the past week.

Junior has been trying to do the sign of the cross when we say prayers before meals. When I see him trying to do that and holding his hands in prayer while I say the words, my heart swells with pride. Isabelle has been smiling and cooing a lot and has many more alert moments during the day. Junior is so good with his little sister – protective of her and helpful with getting things (her binky when she spits it out, a blankey that has fallen to the floor).

Hubby has been stressed a lot with work and the upcoming “downsizing” of the military. He has taken steps to try to avoid being “let go” but only time will tell whether those precautions pan out for us. But even amid that stress, he has had a few bright moments this past week as well. He has been hanging out with another guy from his company and they are starting to become true friends. I am very thankful for this because he has appeared lost ever since we got here to Kentucky. He has been needing that “male bonding” experience to de-stress and I’m sure vent/complain about me & the kids. I’m looking forward to meeting his new “buddy” when we have him over for dinner at some point in the near future.

Speaking of “new friends”, I was able to go to a local coupon swap yesterday where I met some wonderful, like-minded ladies. It was great for me to get out of the house during the day and talk to other “grown ups”. I hope to participate in more local events to meet more people and emerge from my shell.

Finally, tonight was my big heart-warming moment of the week – it happened with Junior when we were eating dinner. Earlier tonight we were at the Post Exchange (for the non-military folks, it’s like a department store on post). Junior had been behaving so well all day and he saw a Lightning McQueen spoon and fork set on the shelf . He pointed to it and asked “Can I have that please?” (which of course came out more like “I ha dat peas?”) With an adorable little smile on his face, and him signing “please”, how could I resist? We let him hold it until we checked out, when it went into the bag until we got home.

Before we set the table, the fork from the set got washed so he could use it at dinner. We said our prayers and started to eat. After a few moments, Junior held up his fork and said “I got a new fork because I said please.” (which came out as “I got new ork cuz I say peas.”) I was nearly in tears with pride! His vocabulary is really growing and he is beginning to understand cause and effect!

Topping off my night was watching hubby setup the Kinect we bought and trying it out with the Elmo “Once Upon A Monster” game! But the best part of him setting it up was him trying over and over again to get the tray to open by saying “XBox Eject Disc” (which made the XBox show search results for “jack disc”). He was relentless, trying “Xbox Open Tray” and other useless commands, which only made me laugh until I cried!

That laughter was much-needed and definitely the perfect ending to a wonderful day!

On that note, I will wish you a good night!

About Ginny (MOMentarily Distracted)

Proud Army wife and SAHM with 3 wonderful children (ages 10, almost 2 and a NEWBORN)! I LOVE MY LIFE!
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