Operation FLUFF – the intro

So when many people think of cloth diapering, they think of a piece of cloth folded around a baby’s bottom and pinned then covered with plastic pants. Maybe when we were children, that’s how it “worked”, but today there are many kinds of MODERN cloth diapers.

Of course, there are still flats / prefolds that you fold around the baby. But no more PINS (unless you WANT to use them). Now there are cute things called Snappis that hold the folded diaper in place. Then you can use a fashionable cover with a cute design that will either velcro or snap onto the baby! How neat right? But it gets even better!

There are all-in-one diapers that have the cover and absorbant material all sewn together! These work just like a disposable diaper – you just fasten them on with the velcro or snaps and that’s IT! These take longer to dry however because they are thick.

Then you have “hybrid” diapers where you get cloth covers and can use cotton/hemp OR disposable inserts with them. Of course this system, when used with disposable inserts, still has a recurring expense.

Now we get to my favorite kind of cloth diaper – the POCKET. It’s exactly how it sounds. It’s a diaper with a pocket that you stuff with inserts of whatever variety you want – cotton, bamboo, special ones designed JUST for that diaper or even prefolds! I love this kind of diaper because I can toss the inserts into the dryer to dry faster and hang the pocket portion on a drying rack (air drying makes the waterproof material last longer).

I will say I wasn’t sure at all about using cloth diapers, but I was determined to save us even MORE money than I was with using my coupons. Disposable diapers are expensive – there is NO doubt about that – and I don’t think anyone will argue with me on that point. If you want to start cloth diapering, there of course is the up front cost of buying them, but at least there isn’t a recurring expense every week/month to get more (unless you become addicted – hey – it can happen to the best of us).

I have spent approximately $500 on cloth diapers for 2 kids. Ok maybe $600 (shhh don’t tell my husband). But they are worth every penny! On top of being “earth friendly” by reusing cloth instead of tossing diapers in a landfill, they are softer / gentler on my childens’ bottoms! They also come in uber adorable colors and prints! I have gotten MANY compliments on how cute my dipes are! If I had stuck with disposables I would EASILY have spent more than $600 on those in the 7 months since I made the switch (and I’d be spending even more going forward).

My favorite kind of pocket dipes are ONE size – meaning they have multiple adjustments to change the length and width of the diapers to fit any size of baby – from birth to potty training! The diapers in my “stash” can be used on either Junior (22 months old and 34 lbs) or Isabelle (2 1/2 months old and 12 lbs)! Talk about making the diaper bag SIMPLE to pack! I toss in pockets & inserts and just adjust the snaps and stuff the necessary inserts for whichever one needs a diaper while we’re out!

Now that we’ve talked about the goodness of cloth, next up I’ll discuss “Doing the Dirty”!

About Ginny (MOMentarily Distracted)

Proud Army wife and SAHM with 3 wonderful children (ages 10, almost 2 and a NEWBORN)! I LOVE MY LIFE!
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