Dear Uncle Sam #1 (the good)

Dear Uncle Sam,

On days like today, I happen to LIKE you (but just a little bit – don’t go getting an inflated ego, ok?).

Last night, the hubby had 24 hour duty so that means he gets today off of work. Although he will spend most of said “day off” catching up on sleep, I still prefer having him home with us.

Add on to that an upcoming 4-day weekend due to the Presidents’ Day holiday and I’m almost in LOVE (again – ALMOST – don’t get too excited).

So, in thanks for the time I’m getting with my husband this “long weekend”, I’m going to TRY to remember how I am feeling right now the next time you decide to screw us over.

Until then, I remain,

Your humble servant (by marriage),


About Ginny (MOMentarily Distracted)

Proud Army wife and SAHM with 3 wonderful children (ages 10, almost 2 and a NEWBORN)! I LOVE MY LIFE!
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